my family

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got this from my sis-in-law fotopages.

so here is my family. it was the 2nd day of raya, so no matching2 colour lah. 1st day raya we all decided to have a pink-purple colour theme this year. but 2nd day raya pakai bantai aje. to all newcastle people, yup, that baju kurung was my previous baju raya, i think i wore it for raya 2006. but i like that blue-green kurung so much, so i didnt mind wearing it again this year.

ok, from left:

jiman, real name ridzman, my first younger bro. 26 years old, got married aged 24 to his childhood sweetheart, a very matured person. kinda jiwang too. a safe and caution driver. the most health-cautious in the family. serves the arm forces. very protective and responsible too.

imeldazefy aka meda, or mak buyung currently, my sis-in-law. own a nice pair of big eyes. kinda independent, tough and brave, used to be part-time cikgu silat. incredible talent: can mix really really well with the people around her. her all-time favourite colour: soft pink. expected date of delivery: late dec 08

mama, real name is a secret, or else she will have to kill you after that (hehe). crazy of handbags (no guess where i got my passion from huh). crazy also to her one and only grandchild, maisarah (altho not as crazy as the guy standing next to her). loves to go to the cinemas with her children and nieces.

abah, the most quiet person in the family. never saw him without his moustache. a super workaholic. the biggest ever ever fan of maisarah. vow to buy her anything she wants, anything, including a (not-so) secret trip to disneyworld when she reaches 5, and a car once she got her licence.

kak lysa, the awet muda one in the family. no one would believe her real age. got the 'workaholic' gene from the dad. look soft from the outside, but actually as hard as steel at the inside. wouldnt mess up with her if i were you. a very protective elder sister, who gives really good advices, sometimes

abang jef, aka brother-in-law. biggest fan of mawi. didnt have that much data about this guy, kinda private person, but actually has a kind heart and cares about the people around him, in his own way. but i admit he is kinda mysterious.

now, sitting (more like squating haha) from the left:

iwan, the youngest in the family, altho not anymore. and he hates that fact. once claimed that maisarah took all the attention in the family from him (du'oh!). tallest in the family (and the fattest! teeheehee) but owns a childish face and the kindest heart. someone that you can definitely trust and rely to. plays the most important role in the integrity of the family,but i dont think he realises it.

maisarah aka cindel aka cendol aka big boss, aged 15 months, receiver of the most love in the family. fan of mickey mouse clubhouse and barnie. loves mini chocolate corneto and twiggies. cannot sleep without her selimut busuk. hates being left alone. owns almost 20 pairs of shoes, and counting..

yours truly. late 20-something lass who is a guilty owner of a fendi. a gadget idiot. obsessive harry potter fan. suffers from eczema once in a while. self-medicate freak. uses right eye more than the left. loves rainy days. broke 80% of the time. loves accesories but hate wearing them. someone's wife in 8 days time.

that's all folks. wish me luck!