lazy writing

10/12/2008 08:55:00 AM 0 Comments »

right.. not that i dont have time to spare, but it was more of a mind that was fully occupied with miscellaneous stuff. it's that time of the month again, i guess. everything seems not right, i didnt feel like want to write anything at all. i did try a few times, but before i was able to end it, i just clicked on the save button (ie send it to the draft). so here is one of my many attempts, and we will see if it goes public or not..

another 2 weeks to go. for what? my WEDDING of course. scared? a bit. as i mentioned before, i'm not scared of getting married, it's the whole event/process/ceremony/you name it that make me sleepless at night. it's the preparation that makes me sweating. and i just realised this morning that i have forgotten something really essential. azali's sampin for the nikah! how can i forget that? he left me in charge (so typical of him, i wonder if he did that because he knows i like to be in charge of, like, everything, or that he knows if he buys the things himself, i wont be satisfied, or because he is so malas to settle things. hmm i think, knowing him, it's almost certain the most latter).

anyway, where to find a decent sampin now? white silvery songket with a decent price? bet if i tell mama, she will be super duper panicky/hyperventilate/palpitation and scold me like there is no tomoro. so, the solution would be - not to inform her at all. argh malas nak pk skrg, will think of a solution later. haha not funny.

i wrote about raya in much detail but didnt finish it before i decided to put in the draft box. should i re-write it again in a short and simple writing, or should i finish my previous writing? argh malas nak pk, will decide later haha.

i managed to get the book that i want, after searching it in 3 different bookstores around kl just to find it soldout, and that's including kinokuniya, the bookstore i thought would have almost any book that any reader would want. but finally i managed to get it from mph bukit bintang and i was so happy. it is a thick book, but i dont intend to finish it right away. gonna really enjoy the reading, a few pages every night just before going to bed, that would be ideal. i know i'm going to enjoy this book :)

my car decided to get sick again, so currently i cant go anywhere. kafe food is so dull! always have the same menu everyday. lucky the price is so cheap, and that's why i shouldnt complain. the food is actually good, it's just a bit dull. and the mechanic is supposed to call me today to confirm about the 'alternater' thingy that need to be changed (dont ask me what it is, but abah said to go ahead with the fixing since the mechanic already called him last night to explain about the situation with my car, so i'm off the hook. GOOD) but he hasnt called me yet. worry worry.

oklah. need to asar. the toilets and bathrooms at my hostel wing are currently being fixed, so we all have to use the ones at the adjacent wing. malasnya..