7/06/2007 09:57:00 AM 0 Comments »
i'm pretty much calmer now, thanks to the therapy sessions that i had, now i know what and who and why i was being so angry, and being able to realise that, it gave me such relief. now i take every single day as it is, and hoping that i wont come across some morons who irritate me and make my head boil some more.

i would like to write some more, but right now there is a match that i'm keen to watch. wimbledon! rafael nadal is such a hot, HOT stuff, and he's playing against berdyck at quarter final now. pretty good match so far. and later today there will be federer and roddick playing as well, altho not against each other. i just hope that it doesnt rain so much these days, or else i have nothing to watch on the tele.

catch you later alligator