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it was a good day. it started last night, well, this very early morning, when i managed to gather enough courage to call my mum. it turned out that she was, well, better than i expected, which was good. we had a good chat and i went to bed after that and had a pleasant sleep.

the alarm woke me up at 9am, with a note of reminder - 'harry potter 5th movie! wake up!' :D. i managed to stretch my sleep for an extra half an hour before i finally left my bed. couldnt decide on what to wear so i relied on a black top which was a safe choice, you might say. it was drizzling outside, but still i decided to walk to town. nothing could affect my morning, i thought, cos i know i'll be watching a good movie soon. poyo poyo..

i arrived at the cinema 10 minutes early but it was already half full. in the last potter movie i managed to be the 1st person who entered the cinema and had the privilage of choosing the best seat, but it's ok this time, at least i'll be watching it with shanti, and not alone, like before. she arrived a few minutes before the movie started, and i know i'll be lost in that world again.


i wont be giving any review about the movie, cos i'll be very, very biased. and i dont care what other review/people think, but i like it :D

lost in thoughts sat.... thinking about how gorgeous harry is now, and that i'm no longer feeling guilty of fancying him since he's now 18 heheh...

ok, back to reality. after the movie we walked around town, had a quick lunch and then lepak at starbucks for about an hour, waiting for ellina to arrive. then shanti left for her massage, and my other housemate arrived not soon after that. jalan-jalan, shopping-shopping, well window shopping la la la. summer sales are everywhere. i really like this one black dress from monsoon but it costs a fortune and i definitely couldnt afford it, but i never have any proper black dress, or what they call it nowadays - little black dress or LBD. poyo poyo haha. elly, you definitely cannot afford that dress so stop dreaming about it. plus i dont have any occasion to wear it for pun...

then one of my favourite shop has started their summer sale as well. accesorize has pretty handbags, hats and accesories that i'm sort if into it at the moment. i like good quality handbags, girly but not too sweet, i like embroidery and i dont mind colourful and funky sequines and buttons and pins as well, as long as it's not too much. cute, but not too small, different but not too quirky. and this shop seems to have it all. then i had this conversation with ellina on where to find all this in malaysia. it seems ages ago when i left malaysia, and i honestly dont know where to find a good shop there anymore. a good, not too expensive handbag and shoes shop in malaysia. somewhere i can spend my money on and satisfy my thirst for more handbags and shoes and clothes and everything that i like. this is important you know..

i bet nadine will say - when people around the world are worried about poverty and war, and all that i'm worried about is finding where to shop good handbags and shoes in when i am back?

jgn marah pakcik, nnt cepat tua hihi

anyway, if i want to go home, and i need to settle myself at a new place where i havent lived for 7-8 years, of course i need to find something that i like, or do something that i like to do at the new place, right? and shopping handbags and shoes are my top favourites, thus i need to find those places, like asap when i go back home.


home is months away, and that is a hopeful thinking.. hope is all i have these days..