good day

7/17/2007 03:10:00 PM 0 Comments »
today is another good day :)

slept at 7 o'clock this morning and woke up a 12pm. bless. spent the whole night, or shall i say, morning, watching sex and the city dvd which i borrowed from ellina. had a nice chat with azali, with my eyes half open, before i went to bed. then when i woke up 5 hours later, i decided that my room is messy and that i need to clean it. i'm in a middle of packing my stuff, dividing them into 3 separate sides, one that i shall ship back home, then one that i need to bring to sunderland, then finally one side that i'm using everyday. and i managed to finish sorting my last box this morning and i feel good. my room is clean and tidy and i like that :)

it's pretty cloudy outside, i wish it would rain. i dont mind raining, as long as there is no wind. wind can be really nasty, when it blows, it can hit you hard and makes you feel feverish and sick. but if it's just rain, i dont mind. it reminds me of home.

cant wait for harry potter book to come out this friday. well, saturday early morning. i need to make a good preparation. i need to get a good sleep the night before, sort out the food for the whole weekend, so that i can concentrate and spend my whole time on the book. now that i had finished packing and my room is clear, so everything is almost sorted.

just wanted to mention that i watched transformers last sunday and it was a BLAST! i know i know, they watched it in malaysia ages ago, but here in the uk, the official screening is next week, but the super resourceful ellina managed to find a cinema that screens it 2 weeks before the premier. best giler best giler. i was sitting at the edge of my sit throughout the movie, and i'm so gonna watch it again. not this weekend tho, cos i'm gonna commit 100% of my time and energy for the new harry potter book hehe

oklah, i'm going to watch the remaining 3 episodes of the last season of SATC, then i shall cook for dinner. this week is my last week of holiday before starting again on monday, and i'm gonna spend it doing all the stuff that i like: tv, dvd, sleep, eat hihi