computer rosak

5/05/2007 11:19:00 AM 0 Comments »
yeah you read it right. whether it was a virus, or the fact that the laptop is 70 years old human life (hehe me guessing.. it's actually 7 years old ie i bought it in 2000) i dont know. it just wont work anymore. agaknye dah tiba masenye. why oh why you cant wait another 1 month or so?

anyway, i'm blogging from shanti's laptop. she has kindly let me use her old laptop. sigh... mmg mati kutu betul takde internet. hopefully yus and his friends can have a look at it in a few days time. hopefully boleh betulkan, if not then hopefully can save the hard disk cos all of my lifetime works are there plus hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures are stored inside that laptop. so hopefully boleh diselamatkan.

at least there is one good news that cheered me up yesterday. the pics from my camera's memory card are now safely stored in a cd, done by the good stuff at jacobs' camera shop. although not all pics were saved, but at least some pics of me and mama were one of those that were saved. i'll put the pics sometime later ok, for kak lysa, jiman and iwan to view it in malaysia.

nadine and oja are here, so riuh sket rumah, tu la best tu. we had a chat last night until half 3 in the morning hihi. we might be going out this afternoon, after ellina and nadine come back from the umno meeting. yup, umno. to be precised, umno newcastle agm meeting. me? i came to the annual agm meeting 2 years ago and menyesal sampai skrg. dulu mule2 nak ajak masuk umno kate it's a social and gathering club, nnt boleh buat a programme or two for us to get to know malaysians who live in newcastle better. how wrong i was. it was full with politics and everyone gila kuasa. well that's how i view it. i might not know politics, but i do know what i dont like. so this time around, i rather face a blank wall for 2 hours than to come to that meeting. nicely said, elly, think i might get into trouble for saying this, but i dont fucking damn care, mara doesnt send me here to join politics, so why would i be worried?

anyway, since nad is here, he said he would question me a thing or two and i like that. finals are less than 4 weeks away and i need all the help i can get. nadine is good teacher, a bit garang sometimes hehe but i dont mind that. i'd rather get scolded from him than the examiners huh.

oklah, i'm guessing the umno meeting will be ending soon so i need to get prepared in case they want to go to town straight after that. hehe belom mandi hehe. have a nice weekend!