thursday afternoon

5/17/2007 11:58:00 AM 0 Comments »
alo alo

seriously patah kaki takde internet/laptop kat bilik. rosak meh huhuhu. am now blogging at the library that is full with students. robinson library meh, med school library lagilah amatlah penuhnye.. at least here at the uni lib i still manage to get a sit next to the window.. so oklah.

just spent some money on a revision website. i think it's worth it. anything for final huh. ape lah sgt 26 quids tu, if i can spend 200 quids on a handbag, of course i can (and should!) spend some portion of my money for my course. gosh i do need a laptop in my room... i'll ask nad if i can borrow his old one..hmm

anyway, life's the same, except for the ultimate event in my life that is going to take place in 2 weeks time. this time next month i will know whether i'll be extremely happy, or extremely heart-brokenly sad. we'll see. of course i'm scared, but whatever happens, i will do my best and give it my all. my number one enemy is my confidence. my confidence hits rock bottom several times, and so far i manage to pick up some of the broken pieces and get myself together again. and i will never know when i'm going to lose it again. maybe tomoro, maybe today. i need to believe that i can pass this exam. yet that seems impossible. well there's no use to keep on thinking about it, no one can improve my confidence except myself, so all i can do know is to keep on revising and avoid people or things that can lower my confidence even more. and yeah, i need to avoid people who irritates and annoys me, as this exam thingy, plus stress, makes my patience's threshold a bit lower that usual. so, that's you, yup you, can you please not come and show your face to me, at least until the exams finish? i dont want to shout at you, or curse you, so the best thing is to avoid me, ok? i'm trying to be nice here, and that is a rare thing, so do appreciate my request ok.

gotta continue studying. good luck to me. adios