sunday, sunday, sunday..

12/10/2006 03:25:00 PM 0 Comments »
happy sunday everybody..

i once said that i hate sundays as it means the (long) weekdays are coming, but today is exceptional. i've had a long weekend, started on friday, and the best of all, i managed to do lots of work! i managed to finish my oh-so-horrible-but-i-dont-care-as-long-as-i-finished-it-ha-ha ethics essay, so that's good. and i managed to clean and clear my room. you cant believe how many things i have accumulated for the 6+ years i'm here, so it's that time of the year again when i need to clear my room or else i wouldnt have any space to do work. so i bought a few storage boxes from argos (9 in total) and spent about 6 hours clearing my room on friday night. and now my room is clear! and organised. and i like that :)

another 1 more week to go before the christmas break. exactly today next week, i'll be in barcelona la la la. we are going there for 4 days and oh boy i cant wait. i vow not to spend on anything unnecessary this week so that i'll have that extra money to spend in barcelona. i hope i'm not going crazy on the sight of mng and zara stores there (they are from barcelona you see). and we are going to one of the factory outlets as well! ha ha senyum sampai telinga. some people might want to go there for its beautiful sight, tasty food and interesting culture and of course i want it too but shopping is one of my main reason too. and of course i want to go there to spend some good time with my housemates. 5 more weekdays to go!

some news from home. kak lysa is officially engaged. they said the ceremony went well. they said kak lysa was fair and beautiful in her new peach mini kurung. they said the food was good. they said they would email me some photos soon. it was all 'they said' and i'm a bit annoyed. for not being there. even azali was there. well everyone was there. and i'm 101% certain that i wont be able to attend her wedding if it's in May. fine. FINE. there's nothing that i or anyone can do. lets just leave it there.

lapar la plak. it's too cold to leave the house. nak masak takde bahan. shall we have food delivery tonight, ellina? pizza ada, kebab ada, nasi beriani pun ada hehe