back in newcastle

12/06/2006 05:41:00 PM 0 Comments »
helo.. i'm back in newcastle already. back for good. no more weekend travels, no more 2 separate rooms. i'm back in newcastle. in my beloved room, with my beloved housemates. dah seminggu lebih dah, i didnt have time to update this blog, more towards malas than anything else hehe.

anyway, i'm in robinson library now. bloody 4 hours doing ethics essays. kepala wa sudah bengong. i never like ethics. not an ethical person anyway. got this 2500 words essay to finish by next friday. waaaa! i dont normally mind writing essays, providing they are interesting, like topics concerning MRI ka, old people ka, but ethics? someone please help me... i spent the last few days trying to do it, but i think i'm going no where. hopeless. am starting to think my ethics case is too week, but it's too late to change now. got 9 days to finish it all together, and that includes the editing, which always took me ages, so i think i have to stick to my case. my brain already tepu now after 4 hours in the library, i can only leave in about an hour cos dah janji with ellina to go home together. my brain cannot take any more ethics at the moment, so what else to do? updating my blog la heheh..

just worth mentioning here that i really enjoyed my time in whitehaven, especially. that surprises me, in a good way. there were 12 of us, and we bonded quite well as a group. the hospital is small, but adequate, and the hostel is not bad either. if i were to apply for an HO job, i wouldnt mind applying there. which leads me to my next topic: i didnt apply. meaning that i'm going straight home next summer. happy? of course i'm happy. but i cant be super happy. still got my exams before that (shudders...). so why was i not applying? i'll tell you in my next entry, when i'm ready, cos right now i'm shitting my pants thinking of the finals..lets write something happy..

it's 11 days to go to barcelona! (it works!) weeee.. me going there soon :) but sadly, 2 of the gang cannot make it due to work commitment.. you let medicine eats you hah! but i'm still going with my most favouritest person in the world (you know who you are heh), hopefully she got her cuti tomoro. we will be there for 4 days, hopefully it's warmer there and have lots of sales! hehe i've been saving for a few months, both for barcelona and this year's boxing day sale, so hopefully i dont overspend in barcelona (yeah right..) so that i still have some spare cash for boxing day sale hehe.

a few good news and bad news from home. my sis-in-law is pregnant! everyone is so happy. my parents have been waiting for a grandchild for like, 5 years, i think, and now they're going to have it next mid july, hopefully. and the bad news is that week will also be my graduation week, so my parents couldnt come. which one would you prefer to be? in home waiting for the arrival of your first long-awaited cucu, or to fly 12 hours non-stop to attend the graduation of your daughter who has been stuck in her education for the last 7 years? i choose the former, to be honest. i wouldnt mind at all. i am indeed the black sheep of the family, and i'm not proud with that.

another good news from home is that my sister is getting engaged this saturday! I AM VERY HAPPY! and a little bit sad at the same time. i'm happy because she is my one and only sister and she has been a very good sister to me and i'm happy for her to found her happiness and someone to take care of her. and i'm sad cos i will not be there, as she has always be there for me.

i know not all people can understand it, but family has always been a sensitive issue to me. i HATE it when there are events at home which i cannot join, well i have been away for 7 years, and i miss lots and lots of things. from everyone's birthdays, and holidays, and moving to new house, and jiman's engagement, to iwan taking upsr, pmr and spm and receiving all the results without me being there, to mama's operation, and abah's super bloody stupid episodes, and now kak lysa's engagement? i'm almost at the end of my patience nowadays. i used to be sad, but now i am angry. for not being there. now all i can do is hoping for me to be able to attend my sister's wedding. it's one of my aim in life (yes, i do have many 'aims in life', nadine) is to be her bridesmaid, ie pengapit la. i have only one sister in this world and i want to be there on her happiest day.

enough already. you wouldnt understand.

what else to write? i'm in wansbeck hosp nowadays, which is about 40 minutes drive from newcastle. i'm getting a lift from friends living nearby, so that is good. another 1 week and a half before christmas hols. i got 3 weeks break, which i think is good. give me time to rest before hitting the accelerator again after new year. this last few days will be spent in finishing my ethics essay. this is good as i can be home more often thus i can call home (malaysia) more often (sory ct bill byk but i always pay my bill altho sometimes terlambat sket ye hihi). everyone's at home is busy preparing for kak lysa's engagement ceremony this saturday, so of course i would like to menyibuk! i wouldnt want to miss it. i call home, like, everyday, demanding to know the details of the preparation.

oklah, it's time to continue my essay again. i'll try to write more often, but sometimes i just dont feel like to write. good day everyone.