good news, bad news, worrying news, or is it all in my head?

5/11/2006 09:36:00 PM 1 Comment »
these past few days had been a lil bit of a roller coster. i mean in term of good news and bad news...

just submitted my resignation letter. haha tiru from internet haha! not that i dont have time to make it myself, but why do i want to susahkan diri sendiri and spend half an hour to make such a letter when you can get hundreds of samples on the internet? hihi. but i did choose wisely. i mean the words that i choose to copy. like i've always said, i like and enjoy my work and will definitely miss them lot. including the money lol. anyway, the news spread quite fast after i gave in the letter to the practice manager. even the docs (you see, i'm just a plain clerk who comes once a week) came to see and tell me how they are going to miss me. they asked me to find a replacement, and i'm not sure how. and they made me promise to find someone who is as good as me. hihihihi buleh nampak ini muka sengih sampai telinga

so, this time next month i'll be at home! la la la. i still feel as excited as like going home for the 1st time. i like arriving at the klia and see those very familiar faces. well now i first like to see just one smiley monkey face hihi. anyway, my point is that in about 4 weeks time, i'll be home!

another good news from home! iwan got a petronas scholarship to study at utp! and he got to do the course that he wants. which is good, and important. i'm so bloody happy for him. everyone is happy for him. feel like i want to fly home at this instance and hug him and say 'busyuk!!' (well, he's bongsu, mind you). i bet mama and abah couldnt be prouder. since he's bongsu, everyone is kinda worried that he may be spoilt and malas belajar. and he turns out ok. i think part of it has to do with him having such a garang and focused big brother, jiman. well, guess i have to start saving more to buy more presents!

and one last bad news. i had a session with the chinese acupuncturist and herbalist who is also a qualified doctor this afternoon. she checked me up as a demonstration and only took my pulse, looked at my tongue and pressed a few points on my ears and said something worrying about my health. if it was a spiritual healer or naturapathic healer or shiatsu practitioner who said that (mind you, i'm doing a full course of complementary and alternative medicine right now) then i would say, 'yeah, yeah, fine, whatever'. but like shanti said (another medical student as well as my housemate) chinese medicine and ayurveda are the 2 things in complementary medicine that are worth believing, with respect. now i'm kinda worried. she even advised me to consult my gp to get further testing. ok, if this women is a fraud and wants money, why would she advised me to see my own gp? and the lists of things that she said, it was true, in some way. and i do suffer the symptoms terribly. damn it. i'm worried. or am i just being a useless worrier?


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