la la la

12/09/2005 01:03:00 AM 0 Comments »
just chatted with my other half at msn :) he's at work now.

i'll keep this short and simple. i'll try hehe. it's 2 in the morning and i'm dead sleepy.

finally finished my exams. 2 papers. the one that i had today was harder. lots of pharmacology! freaking loads! name 3 example of cox2 inhibitors (what? i only know cox1 huhu), side effects of carbamazepine (it can be anything!), teratogens yada yada yada. yesterday papers got cancer genetics. hMSH2, MYH, APC, BRCA2 bloody hell. i only know the last one. whatever.

am going back on saturday! ellina and i (no, i wont kick your ass if you walk slowly to the airport, trust me, i'll be taking beta blocker that day, so i'll definitely be calmer) will take a train from newcastle to glasgow at half six on the saturday morning. then our flight from there is at quarter past one, to dubai. we then gonna stuck there for 9 hours before catching the connecting flight to klia. gonna arrive at klia at 5 past 11 sunday night.

cant wait to go home (yeah yeah you know that already). am fully packed now hihi. i'll try my best to remain calm throughout the journey, no worry, i'll bring the whole rack of beta-blocker with me. maybe need to pack some camomile & lavender tea with me..