9 days to go

12/01/2005 05:59:00 PM 0 Comments »
i'm going back.

yup, i'm going back. for 18 days only. what to do. well, better than not going at all. super thanks to elina, she found me a super cheap ticket.

the thing is, the excitement was disturbed by the fact that someone tried to clone my credit card. the fact that it's actually my dad's, it makes things worse. someone tried to withdraw some money on the day i was perfectly home, with the card safely with me. someone in newcastle. pelik gak. fortunately they didnt manage to get the right pin number, but the thought of someone tried to use the credit card makes me shudder.

nothing much to add. cant wait to see azali. he's gonna pick me up at the airport :) and send me to my family in ampang :)

gosh. 18 days. so much things to do. better get myself organised. i really wish i can see my friends, especially wirda, liza and mus, but dont think i have the time. the 2 weekends i'm already booked, 1st with jiman's commission in sg besi, and i got some family day to attend on the 2nd weekend. with the 4-hour rebonding session... plus making 9 lapik dulang for jiman's hantaran.. plus some picture projects..plus max time with azali.. plus elective arrangement.. shopping..food..kl-kuantan-kl-kuantan. hmm seriously i need to organise and plan my time.

sigh. malasnya nk baca buku. all in my mind now is seeing azali's face at the airport. bet i cant stop smiling that day hi hi hi :D imagine me sengih from telinga to telinga weeeeeeeeeee