back in malaysia..

3/06/2004 04:37:00 PM 0 Comments »
i'm back in malaysia now and am very happy!

the journey from newcastle to malaysia was smooth and uneventful. i'm the kind of person who like to prepare early (arrived 5 hours early at heatrow lol). so okla the journey, penat tu penat, but i wasnt complaining, at all! cause i like to be in a journey, to be on the move. i like to move around, from one place to another, macam adventure plak (total journey newcastle-kuantan was 30 hours!!). and i prefer to travel alone, cause of my preference to be early, punctual, prepared + dont like to wait for other ppl etc most of the time. fine, fine, enough with the journey, it was good, punctual and i arrived at klia and met azali there! miss him so damn much. got some roses from him hihi smile smile. and as usual i talked and talked and talked, and he simply listened and smiled whenever i looked at him. made me blushed hihi

then took another flight to kuantan, after about 1 hour at klia. then met my parents! pastu terus balik umah, bukak beg yg penuh yg cokelat and presents! my mum liked the bedspread i bought (angkut tu from newcastle to kuantan, but it was worth it to see my mum's smile). then my dad also liked the thing i bought for him (rokok satu katon dunhill haha). tapi yg paling yg disangka when my mum liked my lime-green MNG handbag (yup elina, THAT bag!). she begged me to sell it to her! i like that handbag which i bought from manchester, but tak sampai hati when my mum pun suke. then my mum kasi terus2 money tuk beg tu (tak mintak tau...tapi die nak kasi..amik je la la hihi rezeki).

byk bende happened in this past few days. i've just been here for 3 days, and my dad got me a very easy job (working for him at his golf shop) with a good pay, am going to F1 kat sepang in 2 weeks time with azali (yey 10X), my mum suddenly bought me a new watch, a watch that i never dream i can own, azali got a nice job at kl. best best. life couldnt be better. oh ye, my mum tgh nak pujuk my dad sponsor me pie phuket (cause my mum and sis going there this april, they booked it early b4 they knew i was going home). and maybe next week my whole famili nk pie k trengganu tuk jalan2, iwan, my youngest bro is coming back for school hols for a week next week, and jiman, my another younger bro gonna come home in 2 weeks time. and my dad and sis gonna take some cuti from keje for us to spend some quality time together at our fav house kat kuala selangor. best best best best. couldnt hide my excitement now!

but cant deny i miss those frens at newcastle, esp elina. ct and nadine as well. elina, nape tak online? huhu. hope you guys have a nice life there, am always thinking bout you. calo!