useless entry

3/22/2010 02:54:00 PM 6 Comments »

went back last weekend. it was a last minute decision. couldnt make up my mind up till the last minute. the consequence? a whooping over the roof flight ticket price. there was no way for me to drive. it would take too much of my time, plus i didnt have the energy and spirit for the 7-hour drive.

it gave a mixed result.

i was happy to be home. everyone was there. including little maisarah n harith. their mum got pregnant again (lol) despite being on iucd. joke of the week: such 'combat' sperms my brother has haha. the baby is due in october, so it would be a one-year gap between the baby and harith, who was born in january 2009. maisarah on the other hand was born on july 2007. anyway, everyone gave a helping hand on the young family. from now on, they will spend the weekend over my mum's house in ampang, to give my sis-in-law some respite.

being with hubby was like being in a never-ending cloud nine. all the time it was always 'la la la'. well, not always, had a couple or two tear sessions when i could not bear the tension of the finals, and he, as always, lend his shoulders for me to cry on. i was so happy being with him, in such that i become afraid of losing him. you know that you cant be too happy as almost always sadness is lurking behind? i had to constantly remind myself to not be too happy when i am with him. sad isnt it? when you had to constraint yourself from being too happy. such a sad way of living..

i have to earn my happiness

i have to fight for my happiness