updating the random stuff..

3/07/2010 08:03:00 AM 4 Comments »
  • oscar is tonight! wah cant hardly wait! i dont actually mind who wins what, to be nominated for an oscar is an honour on itself, but it's the red carpet dresses, makeups n hairdos that i am looking forward to! mueh mueh mueh no doubt i'll be browsing the internet tomoro morning. alas! i'm oncall tomoro!
  • finally bought kenchi n kouru's new house! it's now as spaceous as it can be, mane taknyer, it's the biggest portable pet container there is in that pet shop. you'll have to get an aquarium or a pond itself to get a bigger place for those turtles. i hope they're enjoying it... if not sia2 nyer abis my rm32 huh
  • i'm now a competent driver licence holder. yup, no more P car sticker for me! although actually i havent got the guts to take off those stickers heheh people tend to treat P car driver nicely meh..
  • finals are less than 4 weeks away! no word can describe my current emotion. like when last weekend i cried uncontrollably while at the surau. abis semue org nampak. buat malu org jer huh
  • i have joined a study group! wee hee! and i'm enjoying it. although it's kinda late haha the group already had meetings like many months ago, and i sheepishnye asked each member for their permission to join their group. and surprisingly enough, i enjoyed the last 2 sessions that we had on the weekend n i'm looking forward for next one
  • on the same note, because of the study group i think i wont be able to go back anytime before the exams. takpe lah, after the exams i'll be spending my time with them sampai muak2 tgk each other face hahah. so if everything goes as plan, this would be the longest i'll be away from home since i came here (walaweh.. study at uk doesnt count la weh), a total of 6 weeks! although hubby, n mum, volunteer to come anytime should i need any support or anything
  • love the new song by alicia keys' 'try to sleep on a broken heart' and timberland feat. katy perry's 'if we ever meet again'. so catchy!
  • suddenly craves for smoked salmon. sadly i couldnt find it anywhere here huhu. even cooked salmon also cannot find. in tesco there is raw salmon, so should i just cook it myself using hubby's multipurpose cooker? and risk making my 3x4 metre square room smells like fish for the whole week? i dont think so
  • more and more broody each day. nape lah tak pregnant2 lagi nih huh. one thing for sure, Allah knows what is the best for you, no matter how much you think otherwise. enough said
  • what for dinner tonight? everything tastes dull nowadays. have to ask hubby almost every night for his opinion, and eventually his decision, on what to eat. for me that is, who is almost 500km away from him. no wonder he's annoyed ahaks