1/16/2010 06:30:00 AM 2 Comments »
tired (more like bored hihi) of my revision, i think i'll spend some time updating my blog.

actually i dont have a specific topic to blog about. here are some random updates of myself..

i'm on my 3rd day of diet. yup, i'm on a diet, it was actually an impulsive thing to do, i didnt plan to diet. but then with the finals are fast approaching and my stress level easily goes up to the roof at any time of the day, i think i ought to do something to get my mind off the final. i need to have one some kind of 'sideline' project to occupy my mind, without actually neglecting my current major one ie the finals. so i decided to diet (..what kind of 'sideline' project is that lol).

i never tried this kind of diet before. it's called the oat diet (i named it myself hihi). all that i need to do is to have oat as breakfast and lunch, at 5 tablespoons each. i was surprised to find that oat can actually be eaten like rice, with all the side dishes. well, the view aint great, but actually the taste aint that bad. and i have the leisure to eat whatever i want for dinner, obviously in moderate amount. it's best to avoid rice, but i was told if i really want to have rice i can have it, cos it's not good to suppress our appetite, as it can lead to bulge eating.

so today it's my 3rd day of dieting, and so far so good. oat is so filling, yet with little calories. i also started to jog yesterday. the key is not to over-exhaust myself. i used to be a keen long-distance runner, but then it's the after-effect that brought me down. i was so tired i couldnt study, along with my legs so lembik. and almost always the next day i could not get out of the bed and then couldnt take the stairs. so this time around, i just jog leisurely. and i do stop when i think it's time to stop, altho actually i can run a bit more.

anyway, i think i ought to give this diet + exercise a try for one month. a friend told me that she lost about 5kg in a month, and another friend said that her mum lost 1kg per week, so i think it's fair to have a certain duration limit. then, if after a month i couldnt see any difference, then i'll stop and then try to think of another side-project for my mind to occupy. so no pressure at all. and i'm beginning to enjoy the oat too ;)

will be going back to kl this wednesday. managed to get the rest of the week off, so it's going to be an extended weekend. the aim is to drive and accompany my bro for his chemo session on thursday and friday. hubby also take the day off too for the same purpose. in difficult time like this, we should gather and provide supports to each other.

i wont be driving to kl this wednesday, mama thought i shouldnt waste precious time on driving, so she bought me flight tickets. she is right. in total, if i'll be driving back and forth from uni to kl, it would take not less then 14 hours. and that's quite a lot of time to spend behind the wheels, when i should actually spend on my books. so, thank you mama for the thoughtfulness.

oklah, i think that's enough. time to go back to the notes. enjoy the weekend :)