4/17/2008 02:46:00 AM 0 Comments »
i'm still in kl. i'm a bit bored.

someone is angry at me for being ignorant. huh. tell me how to deal with that.

everyone close to me knows that i can be really ignorant if i want to. guess he doesnt know about that. guess i dont know that he's very sensitive when talking about politics.


two things that i dont like in this whole world, more like i hate and dont believe in, are politics and business. everyone knows that. almost.

i know that sometimes being ignorant is wrong and unsuitable, especially since we're now living in this ever changing world. like the issue of recycling and global warming, i do play my part, like i choose to walk instead of taking a vehicle and choose a fan instead of an air-conditioner. but when people start talking about politics, i give up. i dont do politics. i think it's dirty and manipulative, although i also know that it's essential. and this is my belief and my opinion and i stand by it, AND i dont ask anyone to believe my belief, i dont force anyone to follow my opinion.

so i was quite annoyed when someone who knows me for years seems to be annoyed and angry with me for being ignorant about politics. and i didnt even mention the things above. i was just refused to join in the discussion and went silent.

before i start using abusive words, i think i should stop. i dont want the new calm and relax me, that i've been building up slowly for the past few months, to just fade away. it's not worth it.