anywhere but here, anyone but me

4/11/2008 02:41:00 AM 0 Comments »
okeh i've got 5 minutes to spare so here goes

i'm in kl at the moment. good news for someone, i hope. i myself prefer to stay in kuantan where i have my own room, my own bed. but kl at the moment is fine. weather is not too hot, so it'll be alrite. plus i've got to see that someone everyday, so it is alrite.

i had a good walk yesterday. i used to walk a lot when i was in the uk, but people in malaysia seldom, or never walk. weather factor i guess. plus the public transport is cheap too. and petrol is affordable as well. but i love to walk. good for my emotional and physical being. yesterday i walked from sogo, along jalan TAR then tembus semua house ke masjid jamek, then found my way to azali's office at menara olympia. it was a good walk i tell you.

i think i'm becoming more personal at the moment. it's hard for me to share my feeling and thoughts anymore with anyone. it used to be easy to just release it all, but not anymore. i now prefer to swallow everything and keep things to myself. and it's hard when people around you keep asking what's going on in my life. if it's anyone else, i'll say to just fuck off, but the thing is, it IS their business as well. and i found it really awkward and very VERY uncomfortable to bear my thoughts and feeling when i dont feel like doing it.

anyway, time's off. got to go.