happy memories..

11/04/2006 11:35:00 PM 0 Comments »

happy days... enough said

at my brother's wedding. got 1001 and more pics, but am too lazy to update my fotopages. can go to my sis in law's fotopages http://imelda.fotopages.com. she's cool, and she was surely looked pretty on her wedding day :)

pics above were taken at my family's reception at dewan tabung haji. my younger brother, yup he's 2 years younger but lots and lots more matured than me, got married on the 25th of August 2006, and our family's reception was on the 27th (sunday). it was a very, very busy day, lots and lots of people came, i had got myself some very special guests, ie azali's family. they came all over from kelantan tuu, and my family was honoured to have them, and it was of course my task to host them.

oh i miss those happy memories. i miss malaysia. i miss my family. i miss him very mostly..