..plain pathetic whinger

10/15/2006 01:13:00 AM 0 Comments »
it's that time again.

i think this template suits me better. i'm not feeling 100% nowadays, so black is THE colour. i wish to have more black but then no one would be able to read, or see, anything, so i choose the most black ready-made template out there. cant even bother to make one myself. like i know how to huh.

i hate sunday. it means that monday and the rest of the weeks are coming. it means that i have to leave newcastle. again.

moody. moody.

i'm going to start whinging now. do go away if you dont feel like it.

i've just spent the last 6 weeks in carlisle. and i've just moved to whitehaven this weekend. for another 6 weeks. i dont mind the places, but the distance sucks. damn sucks. here's something for you to have a clearer view:

100 miles. 160 km. no car. not even a license. AND someone actually wants to buy me a car but i cant. stupid no license. super sucks. AND someone actually wants to come to visit me but i cant. why? cos i'm in a somewhere hospital accommodation, very like a hostel with rooms in a long corridor with shared toilets and everything. cant-find-a-ruder-word-wirda-help-me sucks.

super tired body. 4 bloody hours.

and raya...

no i dont even want to start. you dont want me to start