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nothing much happen. my left shoulder hurts like hell. dono wot happen. but i did notice that since last Christmas, i couldnt put my handbag on my left shoulder like i used to. i can still put my handbag there, but only for about half and hour before it hurts. then after the manchester trip it got worse. i cant sit, lay down, or be in any position without my left shoulder hurting me. yesterday it got worse and i had to take paracetamol to ease the pain. it worked for a few hours, then i had to take another 2 paracetamols. oh man.. should i go see the GP or continue taking paracetamol? i know they will prescribe me another pain-killer/analgesic pills. ah malas nak pk. there are tons of other things that i should settle/solve/consider/reconsider/think etc

well, here's a story. i like somebody who is simple, hardworking, knows his/her stuff quite well, dedicated, matured. and i dont like lazy ppl, talkative, busy-body, CEREWET, annoying etc. if you are in the latter group, i wont go and talk to you etc becos it's your life, your choice and i wont disturb you.but it's a matter of like and dislike. you cant change it, neither do i. and i have a fren who used to have a hard life, and then he works hard, has a goal, dedicated, strong and matured. but now he's taking life for granted (well that's how i think), jumping from one job to another, 'couldnt find a "suitable" job for him'. fine, i never work in my whole life and never been in a working environment in malaysia b4. but i still hate that kind of behaviour. he asked for my support (ie emotional support/courage), but how can i give him if i hate this behaviour? i have lost my respect for him. if he's like this when i first knew him, dont think i'll like him like i used to like him. (man..this is complicated). i remember back then in school when i first met him, he had a different button colour in his shirt. it was a yellow button in an all green shirt+buttons. complete mismatch, but at that time i totally like him. i made a conclusion that he sew the yellow button himself (dont think a girl/mother/women would do that) and he is used to have a hard life and instead of trying to find a matching button or buy a new shirt, he just sew a totally different button. simple. I LIKE SIMPLE PEOPLE. maybe becos i am so complicated myself, but that's another story. i like the fact that this fren of mine is simple (or i think he is). he doesnt care what kind of dish i cook, he will eat it happily. he doesnt care how i look (i am ugly you know), but he still like to be my fren. he is a simple guy, the best thing i like about him. but now he is so fussy about his job. a complete turn off for me, if you know what i mean. it's hard to explain (or maybe i'm just being too complicated).

i'm in no mood to say more. have a nice day everyone.