11/22/2003 01:04:00 PM 0 Comments »
OMG wot hapen to today's weather? really really gloomy, cloudy, and...grey. it's 1.38 in the afternoon but the temp is 2 degrees outside! ......

woke up late today, almost miss the final Rugby World Cup match! the game's between England and Australia started at 9am, but i woke up at 10.51! mmg actually dah supposed to abis, luckily they got seri 14 all and needed to have extra time match for 20 minutes. whoa... both players looked really tired. Australian had the brawn, but i think the English have better tactics and a little bit more luck. the first extra time (ie first 10 minutes) the English managed to get a penalty and Jonny Wilkinson had increased the total point to 17. Jonny Wilkinson is soooooo damn good! not only he got a cute face, muscular body, but he also got brains (lawyer woo...wah..cair). my new hero...anyway, on the 2nd half of the extra time, and minute18 to be precised, the Australian got a penalty and managed to level the points to 17 all. oh noo...we got only 2 minutes to settle this or else they will have sudden death (dono wot it is, just heard the commentator said). then whoa...here comes Wilkinson, scoring a goal at the last essential final minutes (or i might say, seconds). England has won the Rugby World Cup with 20-17 score against former world champion, Australia.

since when did i support England team? dono. since when did i watch rugby? dono. since when did i become a commentator? dono. i do know i am a sport-event freak (thanx to azali and my dad). snooker, football, F1, athletics and now rugby, any sport will do. a new interest of mine